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Focus·Roll up sleeves to work harder--Dolucky 2018 Annual Meeting

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    Wuhan Dolucky knitwears Co,. LTD have a Annual Meeting with their own two factories together on 9th Feb, 2018, the theme of this meeting is "Focus·Roll up sleeves to work harder". Learn and implement the President's important speech with the joy of harvest and the glory of victory, General Lee and all employees of the Company come together to attend this meeting.

    Meeting is start under the team show, General Lee, General Qi and factory manager Guan have a summary for the company's operations and the chievements of various teams in 2017. In 2017 we developed some new clients and they have a strongly agreed with us. There is a insufficient that our company have too much product line to take care of the productions, it caused the goods are easily out of our control. On further company will take a focus in the key customers and key productions, to do the best on our advantage which we are be good at.

    A lot of year-end awards were taken by the excellent employees, at the same time each department brings different show, it makes everyone feeling more closer in heart through show and the interaction of leaders and employees and laughs .

    The coming 2018 brings a lot of hopeful and challenge, we are all have confidence and courage to develop the best product and conquer the new.

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