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Trust _Fellow_Growth --Dolucky 2019 Annual Meeting

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    Wuhan Dolucky Knitwears Co.,Ltd have a Annual Meeting with their own factories and suppliers together on 14th Jan. 2020,the theme of this meeting is "Trust-Follow-growth".Learn and implement the president's important speech with the joy of harvest and the glory of victory,general Lee and all employees of the company come together to attend this meeting.
    Meeting is start under the team show,general Lee and general Qi have a summary for the company's operations and the chievements of various teams in 2019.2019 is an extraordinary year.This year marks the 20th anniversary of the company.We are very grateful to all our colleagues for developing together with the company ,experiencing the constant changes of the market together,and making the company develop bether and bether.
    A group of outstanding employees such ad outstanding skills and outstanding management were praised at the annual meeting ,especially praised the old employees who have been developing together with the company for 20 years.They are loyal to the company,give suggestions for the development of the company ,think of the company and regard the company as their home.We thank these employees for their contributions and hope that there will be more old employees of 10,20 and 30 years to be honored later!

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