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  • Do you have your own factory?

    Yes,we have our own factories.We have one fabric factory and two garment factories,all belong ot the same boss.
  • How long is your lead time?

    3-10 days for samples,15-30days for fabric bulk goods,25-90days for garments bulk goods.
  • What is your MOQ ?

    Fabric is 300KG/colour,garment is 500pcs for AOP and 800pcs for solid.
  • What is your payment?

    T/T or L/C at sight is our usual payment method.If you prefer other payment method,please contact our salesperson.
  • Do you accept small quantity order

    Yes,small quantity order is very welcome.We are glad to grow up with you together.   
  • Who are you

    Wuhan Dolucky . Fouse on textile industry with more than 20 years experience of flame retadant products in China.
  • Where's your mainly market?

    The United States,Germany,Demark,Canada,British,Saudi Arabia,South Africa etc... 
  • What are the household to the market development trend?

    Wuhan Dolucky Knitwears Co., LTD., founded in 2000, with independent brand "INSIGHT", "DOLUCKY" and so on, is very influential in wuhan foreign trade processing and sale in domestic market to develop the brand, after years of apparel business to become a set design, production, sales in the integration of garment enterprises, in 2011 the company moved to wuhan office HSBC corporate headquarters, now has fixed assets of more than 100 million, more than 500 employees, the factory building area of more than 30000 square meters, the annual production clothing more than 150 pieces.
    Household to take the first is by the turn of the pajamas, but on the actual effect. Household to take early is not purely pajamas, pajamas leisurewear than before now, in a comfortable and beautiful than pyjamas. Pajamas, industry downturn, many companies will suit your own brand, climaxing with furniture. This means that household to take great development trend of market. Here come with tao qi clothing details about the development trend of household to take.

    1, personalized trend: it is not just a household to take market development trend, the transformation and upgrading of the clothing market is the personalized direction.
    Niche brand, the rise of popular logo is the strong evidence of personalized consumer trends. Gradually in the development of productivity and people's increasingly mature aesthetic level determines the personalized products to cater to the market in the future.
    2, the trend of electricity: electricity is not just limited to the household products.
    Clothing, food, once upon a time, and even electricity distinct luxury goods, are in shock of e-commerce, it has covered every aspect of modern life. Pure entity household enterprises survive, even if can rely on entity is unlikely to give up yao profitable business channels.
    3, high-end trend: the traditional household to household to take modern will inevitably cause a higher trend.
    Modern household has to vogue, individuation, to cater to the modern consumer, but fashion and personalized products will inevitably cause costs rise, whether more excellent designers design fee, or a higher quality of the original fabric, can cause the finished product costs rise. At the same time, compared with the traditional household to fashion and personalized products have lower sales ceiling again, after all, everyone has their own fashion sense and personality tendency, too have style of products will never satisfy all people's aesthetic. Rising costs caused sales rise in price, it is can't change the market rules.
    wuhan dolucky knitwears to tell you that the market is demand and supply will only grow stronger. New ideas will surely will be a long time of innovation ideas, new era new ideas. Or we take will not so strong in the development of furniture.
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